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Announcement for students in winter 2011-2012
Due to the strike there will be no tutorials ("Tirguls").
Classes with Prof Mor will be held as scheduled.
Created on 26/10/2011, 20:47:16  
Moed Bet
Dear students,
It is decided that Moed Bet would be a written exam.

Formula pages allowed:
2 sheets of paper that can be written on both sides, stapled(MEHOODAKIM).

reception hours:
Prof. Mor - By mail.
Yosi - Tuesday 10:00-11:00

Created on 6/3/2011, 21:09:37  
MOED BET, please read!
This is the last notice: If you want to take the MOED BET please register by emailing us before Friday 13:00 (6/March).

Assuming we have only 2 people that take the exam,
the exam will be oral, one hour each person, starting
at 17:30 on Thursday (10/March).

The students that register will be told when each of them will be examined.
Last updated on 3/3/2011, 15:25:12  
Appealing and moed B
Dear students,
The deadline for Appealing is 7/3/11.
Also, please send me an email as soon as possible if you plan to attend MOED B.

Last updated on 28/2/2011, 14:20:50  
Final grade published
Dear students, final grades are published.
The solution of the exam is updated.
Created on 21/2/2011, 19:00:06  
Exam grades are published
A solution of the more interesting questions will be published in the next few days

Created on 17/2/2011, 00:34:55  
Grades for HW5 are published
Dear students,
HW5 is graded. i'll give them to the secretaries tomorrow morning.

Created on 16/2/2011, 15:39:22  
Reception hours + Instructions on formulae sheet
Dear students,
The reception hours before the exam are the following:

Prof Mor: Wednesday 12-14

Yosi: Tuesday 12-14 (if you plan to ask questions from previous exams, send it to me by mail so i'll have time to prepare)

Formulae sheets update/clearance:
You can bring 2 sheets of paper, each can be written in both sides.
The sheets should be stapled (Meshudachim) and remain so during the eaxm, with your name and ID on each of them.

Remark: Sheets of different students can be entangled, but no classical communication during the test is allowed ;)

Good luck!
Last updated on 7/2/2011, 15:20:36  
Dear students,
You are allowed to bring 2 pages to the exam.
Additional exams were added to the course material\exams folder.
reception hours will be published next week
Created on 3/2/2011, 13:17:30  
Lecture on Quantum Communication Complexity this Wednesday
Speaker: Oded Regev, Tel-Aviv University
Time: Wednesday, January 26 at 12:20
Place: Taub building room #337

Title: Quantum One-Way Communication can be Exponentially Stronger Than Classical Communication

In STOC 1999, Raz presented a (partial) function for which there is a quantum protocol communicating only $O(\log n)$ qubits, but for which any classical (randomized, bounded-error) protocol requires $\poly(n)$ bits of communication. That quantum protocol requires two rounds of communication. Ever since Raz's paper it was open whether the same exponential separation can be achieved with a quantum protocol that uses only one round of communication. In other words, can quantum one-way communication be exponentially stronger than classical two-way communication? Here we settle this question in the affirmative.

Based on joint work with Bo'az Klartag.

NOTE: This talk is about lower bounds for *classical* communication complexity, so it does not require any knowledge in quantum communication complexity.
Created on 24/1/2011, 12:50:33  
HW5 is published
Created on 12/1/2011, 19:31:32  
2/1/11 class + hw
Prof Mor will give an extra hour between 14:30 and 15:30. room number of that hour will be given in class.

please finish the rest of the questions in hw3_ent, + the 2 questions in the alg.png file.

due date is 12/1/11

Last updated on 1/1/2011, 23:55:49  
Sunday 19/12
Dear students, there will be a tutorial instead of the two class hours on this Sunday.
(The original tutorial will be held as usual unless we progress fast)

Also, a mistake on hw2_tiny, question 1e (e= hey..): should be "(1-p)L" in stead of "pL" in the last sentence.

Created on 16/12/2010, 15:51:12  
Sunday 12.12
Dear students,
in this Sunday, Prof Mor will teach in the tutorial hour (15:30-16:30) in addition to the regular class.
Created on 10/12/2010, 13:11:57  
HW published
Dear students, please solve and submit questions 1-3 in hw2_tiny, and questions 4,6 in hw3_ent.
due date is 20/12/10.
Created on 6/12/2010, 12:25:03  
Dear students,

First, there is an updated version of lecture 4, with an example of partial measurement.
please read it.

Second, regarding the home assignment:
question 2: Bell states are defined in the beginning of lecture 5 slides.
question 6: depth of a circuit is the maximal path length from input to output (including Fan-out)
width of a circuit, is the maximal number of bits needed in the circuit.

Third, the complementary tutorial will be held at taub 9 (THIS SUNDAY 28/11 ), and at 15:30 we'll move
to our usual room, taub 5.
Last updated on 25/11/2010, 14:21:48  
Tutorial permanent room change
The tutorial would be in Taub 5 from now on.
Created on 18/11/2010, 12:03:15  
Complementary tutorial
One option for the time of the complementary tutorial is Sunday 28/11 14:30-15:30, between the lecture and the scheduled tutorial. Please send me an email in the next few days if you can attend.

Last updated on 17/11/2010, 19:34:31  
Dear students,
HW1.5 is now available and due in 30/11.

We'll set a complementary tutorial the next time we meet.

Created on 16/11/2010, 14:25:17  
frequently asked question in HW1
I was asked a lot about the drawings in question 4. so i hope this clears everything:

Gates U and V are single qubit gates.
The dots and lines above them are simply control lines.
U is controlled by the 2 top qubits (activated only if both are |1>), same as toffoli is a not gate controlled by 2 qubits.
V is controlled each time by a single qubit in the right drawing.

Since there are not so many of you, don't hesitate to send mail and ask me questions,
or set a meeting.

Last updated on 4/11/2010, 14:00:01  
Typos fixed in HW1
Dear students,
HW1 had typos in question 2c, 2d. please check the latest version.

Created on 31/10/2010, 18:26:58  
Tensor product question in HW1
Dear students,
The material for question 5 in the homework would be taught on the next class.
You can choose either to submit that question with this homework or the next one.

Created on 27/10/2010, 11:11:26  
Homework 1 is published
Dear students,
Homework 1 is published. submission in pairs and due date is 8/11 at midnight.

for any question, please email me.

Last updated on 25/10/2010, 10:25:04  
Welcome aboard!

Dear students!

Welcome to the QIP course!

The course crew wishes you good luck and hopes you'll enjoy the trip into the world of Quantumness!

Tal, Yosi.
Created on 17/10/2010, 10:04:40