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Stuendts who are entitled for SHIATUK
If you are entitled for SHIATUK, you should come to the quizzes and exams with the person who will do the SHIATUK for you.
Created on 26/10/2014, 16:05:56  
Pre-requisites for A&FL course
Please notice that the course "Logic and set theory for CS" (234293) is a pre-requisite for A&FL course, and the course "Algorithms 1" (234247) should be taken not after A&FL (TSAMUD).
Therefore, the registration to A&FL course of students who didn't take (or failed) "Logic and set theory for CS", or didn't take\aren't taking "Algorithms 1", will be cancelled.
If you have any questions, contact Prof. Kaminski directly (but not via email).
Created on 26/10/2014, 16:04:10  
Course schedule published, room change for the Sunday tutorial, and an updated partial solution for tutorial 1
A tentative course schedule is now available under the 'syllabus'' tab. The course schedule contains the dates of the quizzes, the tentative dates on which the homework assignments will be published, and the tentative dates of the workshops. Please note that the schedule may change during the semester.

The Sunday, 14:30-15:30 tutorial is permanently moved to Taub 9.

An updated solution for tutorial 1 is now available under the 'Material\Tutorials' tab. The update is only to the 3rd exercise.
Last updated on 22/10/2014, 20:40:04  
Welcome to Automata and Formal Languages
The course site in now active ( On it you can find:
- Slides for the first lectures & Tutorial.
- An electronic edition of the textbook of this course (the link to the electronic version appears on the list of recommended textbooks (under the 'Literature' tab)).

As the semester starts on Monday, 20.10, there will be no tutorials on Sunday, 19.10.

Good luck and we hope you enjoy the course,
The course staff.
Last updated on 11/10/2014, 18:28:01