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Room changes
All lectures and tutorials were moved to Ullman 502.
This change is permanent.
Created on 31/7/2015, 12:20:57  
Homework 1 and the next workshop
Homework 1 was published under the 'Assignments' tab.
This HW is not for submission. However, solving it is highly recommended.

Gali will give a workshop (dedicated to homework 1) on Sunday, 02/08, 15:30-17:30, at Taub 401.
Created on 30/7/2015, 13:16:51  
Welcome to Automata and Formal Languages
The course site in now active.
On it you can find:
- An electronic edition of this course's textbook
(a link to it appears on the list of recommended textbooks, under the 'Literature' tab).
-A file containing information about the course,
including the grade structure and the date of the quiz (under the 'Syllabus' tab).
-A tentative course schedule (under the 'syllabus'' tab). Please note that the schedule may change during the semester.

Good luck,
The course staff.
Last updated on 25/7/2015, 19:01:30