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Assignment #2
Dear students,
Assignment #2 is up on the site. You have three weeks to finish it.

Good Luck,
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Assignment #1 Presentation
Dear students,

The grading for Assignment #1 will be based on the presentation of your work. For this, we set up meeting slots (here ) of half an hour each.
Notice, that each slot can be picked by at most two groups (You will present to either Alexandre or myself). Also note that although you need to submit your code on the 25/11 via electronic submission, in practice you have more time to work on completing the work.

Good luck,
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Example of Assignment #1
Dear students,
A working example of Assignment #1 has been added to the assignments section. It is far from perfect, but will allow you to know if you are in the right direction. Also, it might give you some UI ideas.

Created on 13/11/2014, 13:51:27  
Assignment #1 breakdown
Dear students,

Under Assignments we added a document which describes one possible breakdown of the assignment into smaller tasks. You might find it helpful when starting to implement your code.

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Assignment #1
Dear students,
Assignment #1 is up on the site. You have three weeks to finish it. Read it carefully and plan ahead. It will save you a lot of time. Don't hesitate to ask for guidance.
A few days before the deadline I will contact you regarding the presentation.

Good Luck,
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Dear students,

As a warm-up for the assignment that will be published soon, you can start implementing the following two tasks:

1. OBJ parser: couple of bugs were introduced into the method loadFile in MeshModel.cpp
2. Vector/Matrix classes: couple of bugs were introduced into various methods in mat.h.

You should find those bugs and fix them, so that the respective methods have the correct behavior.
There is no deadline for these tasks and you do not need to show us your work. Please remember to post your questions and comments on Piazza.

Note: an unintentional bug appears in the constructor of the Renderer class. Thanks to Hagai Akibayov for pointing this.
You can see the details at the Piazza discussion:

Good Luck,
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HW skeleton
The skeleton which you will be using throughout the semester is up on the site. Take a few minutes and try to compile and run it. There is a chance that some laptops may not be able to run it without some modifications. If you can't run it on your laptop, please tell Omri on the next tutorial.

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Using Piazza
Dear students,
We will be using Piazza for class discussion. Rather than emailing questions to us, we encourage you to post your questions on Piazza. Please avoid double posts and read your friends' questions.

Find our class page at:

Of course, we are also available by e-mail as usual.

We wish you all a pleasant and fruitful semester,
Miri and Omri.
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Welcome to Computer Graphics 1
Created on 20/10/2014, 20:48:07