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Moed B grades are published

Moed B grades are published.

The same final grade formula of Moed A was used.

Appeals should be submitted to Gershon or Fady brfore 10/4.

Good luck in future related classes.
Created on 26/3/2014, 17:15:51  
Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics Course

In the spring semester the course Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics would be given in the CS department.
It will focus on vector field analysis on surfaces, with various applications from graphics and geometry processing.
Here are the details:
Created on 19/2/2014, 02:18:07  
Moed A grades are published

Moed A grades are published.

Each HW is MAGEN separately, following the specific percentages that were given in the Intro class (slide 5) which means that the exam’s weight ranges from 60% to 100%.

Appeals should be submitted in writing to the undergraduate secretaries (Hava/Dorit) until the 25th, and it will be handled and returned by early March.

Good luck in future related classes.
Created on 11/2/2014, 21:01:25  
Images competition results

The results of the images competition is available online in the Hall-Of-Fame page,
From the course website, go to Links -> Hall-Of-Fame -> Winter2013,
or through the direct link:

As announced before, first place wins 3 points,
second place wins 2 points and third place wins 1 point to the final grade.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all for your nice images.
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HW4 Grades are published

HW4 grades are published,
Contact Fady in the next two weeks if you would like to appeal.
Created on 6/2/2014, 09:42:41  
Objects from last HW

We would like to upload the images you've created in the last HW,
so If you've used an object from external source (not the supplied irit models),
please send Fady the source site for reference.
Created on 3/2/2014, 15:13:12  
HW3 Grades are published

HW3 grades are published,
Contact Fady in the next two weeks if you would like to appeal.
Created on 28/1/2014, 23:42:15  
HW3 Test models

Some of the models (That you don't have) that were used for testing
HW3 is uploaded in the assignments page (in HW3 section).
Created on 24/1/2014, 01:01:14  
Job Offer
We seek students to work part time (minimum of one day a week and possibly more in vacation time)
on a variety of research projects related to computer graphics and geometric modeling, with flexible
hours and with a very good pay.

If you are interested, please contact
Gershon Elber,
Created on 23/1/2014, 17:17:55  
HW4 grading clarifications
The grading of the final HW will be different from previous homeworks,
YOU are required to present the features you chose to implement,
by presenting the final images you produce, and we may ask you
to reproduce some of them with your renderer,
so make sure to be equipped with whatever you need to demonstrate
it on your renderer (images, models,...).

We remind you to send Fady up to 5 images for the competition before 25/1

Good luck.
Created on 22/1/2014, 02:17:19  
Reference exmple images for HW4

You can find in the hall of fame link (Links->Hall of fame):

few examples of final images from previous semesters, many of the

features you need to implement in HW4 can be found there.
Created on 22/1/2014, 02:07:07  
Grading of homework 4

Frontal meetings for grading HW4 will be held next week on Sunday 26/1, Monday 27/1
and Wednesday 29/1 at Fady's office on the fourth floor (418),

Please choose one time slot appropriate for you from the following link:
Created on 22/1/2014, 02:03:11  
CG Rendering Competition
As announced at the beginning of the course, you are invited to
submit your favorite images you have created during this course, and
using tools you only developed in the course, for the final

As a reminder, we will select 3 best images and award 3
final grade points to the 1st place, 2 final grade points to the 2nd place and 1 grade point to the 3rd place.

Please send at most 3 images to Fady by January 25th with your full
name(s) and student ID(s).
Created on 9/1/2014, 15:08:29  
Exams from previous semesters

You can find few examples of CG exams from previous semesters in the following link:

Good luck
Created on 9/1/2014, 15:05:19  
Grading of HW3

Due to the unexpected events last Wednesday,
the grading will be held also on Wednesday next week (15/1),
If you are not registered for this Wednesday (8/1), please
register for the next one in the following link:
Created on 7/1/2014, 19:18:35  
Additional Irit models with textures

Additional Irit models (some with textures) are
added to the materials sections.
Created on 7/1/2014, 18:37:54  
Computer Graphics project for next semester

Near the entrance to the CS library you can find a large placard
with "computer graphics projects" that are offered for the next semester.
Please approach the designated contact person for further details on
specific projects.
Created on 2/1/2014, 12:36:31  
Hw4 is published
Due Date: 25/01/2014
Good luck.
Created on 2/1/2014, 12:25:01  
HW3 clarifications - Normal correction

There are two places where you need to use the normals:

1) For backface culling, you need to use the face normal to perform the
backface test. Because the normals are distorted after perspective projection,
you"ll need to recalculate it again.

2) Vertices normals for light calculation:
In this case your are not required to recalculate the vertices normals after perspective,
nor after non uniform scaling, since it requires a more complicated data structures of adjancies.
you can assume only translation and rotation and uniform scaling.
Last updated on 24/12/2013, 00:46:33  
HW1 & HW2 Grades

HW1 & HW2 grades are published,
Appeals will be considered only on Fady's receptions hours
on the following two weeks (before 3/1/2014).
Created on 22/12/2013, 22:23:55  
HW3 FAQs section is updated,
Please review it.
Created on 22/12/2013, 19:21:01  
Models with lights

Two models with lights is added to the Irit models section,
the teapot with two point light sources,
and the cs logo with one directional light source.

When you load Irit files with light sources,
the sources should be added implicitly to the
light sources dialog.

Created on 22/12/2013, 18:46:05  
Grading of homework 3

Frontal meetings for grading HW3 will be held on Wednesday 1/1/2014 and
on Wednesday 8/1/2014 at Fady's office on the fourth floor (418),

Please choose one time slot appropriate for you from the following link:
Created on 18/12/2013, 02:51:19  
HW3 FAQS is opened.
Please review it before you send your questions.
Created on 9/12/2013, 12:49:30  
Homework 3 is postponed

Homework 3 is postponed by a week,
new submission date is 25/12.

Good luck
Created on 9/12/2013, 12:35:17  
Hw3 is published
Due Date: 18/12/2013
Good luck.
Last updated on 27/11/2013, 14:48:43  
Frontal meeting for grading homeworks 1 & 2

Frontal meetings for grading HW1 and HW2 will be held on sunday 8/12 and
monday 9/12 at Fady's office on the fourth floor (418),
Time slot of 30 minutes is allocated for each group,
where we will test your implementation and you"ll might be required
to answer few questions.

Please choose ASAP one time slot appropriate for you from the following link:

(you have editing access, update your details and save)
Created on 27/11/2013, 00:40:18  
HW2 updates

We will hold a special reception hour for the homework on Sunday
between 16:30 - 17:30 in the graphics lab on the fourth floor.
If you have any questions or difficulties, we"ll be there to help you.
If you submit on Sunday, you will have a penalty of two days late.

Note that the submission time is corrected to the end of the day, so you can
submit it today later.

Good luck.
Created on 20/11/2013, 13:53:08  
HW2 FAQs is updated
Please check out in the f.a.q section.
Created on 18/11/2013, 16:45:38  
Clarification regarding Hw2
In this assignment you are to draw the objects as wireframe (lines).
To be crystal clear, you should use no external library/function call
to draw the lines - the lines should be drawn using your implementation
of the algorithm presented in class:

The Bresenham/Midpoint/DDA algorithm.

As in Hw1, only 'Plot Pixel' function call can be used.

If you find it easier, you can use a floating point version of the algorithm
Created on 6/11/2013, 14:22:21  
Complementary lecture and tutorial

1 - There will be no lecture in CG on November 13th .
A complementary lecture will be given on Sunday November 3rd at 17:30-19:30 in Taub 6.

2 - The tutorial of next week (6/11) won't be held,
instead we will have a complementary tutorial on the second hour of 13/11 lecture,
please note that there will be two tutorials on 13/11 starting from 10:30
Last updated on 3/11/2013, 08:45:01  
Hw2 is published
Due Date: 20/11/2013 14:00
Good luck.
Created on 30/10/2013, 16:00:23  
First homework is published
Submission date: 30/10/2013 12:30

Please take into account that you need to study parts of MFC by youself,
see the first tutorial slides and video in the tutorials section.
It is recommended to start as soon as possible.

Good luck
Created on 16/10/2013, 12:37:22  
Welcome to Computer Graphics
Dear students,
Welcome to the Computer Graphics course,
we hope you"ll enjoy the course and wish you a successful semester,

Please note that there will be no class on November 13th .
A complementary class will be given on Sunday November 3rd at 16:30-18:30 in Taub 5.
3/11/2013, 16:30,

Also, the tutorial on 6th of November won't be held, an announcement for a complementary
tutorial will follow.
Created on 15/10/2013, 13:28:50