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Homework 5 has been postponed
Due date is 07/09.
Homework assignment 6 will be published on 04/09, so plan your time accordingly.
Created on 31/8/2014, 22:15:52  
Homework 5 has been published
The topics for this assignment are polymorphism and SML sequences and exceptions.
The assignment is due on 04/09/2014 at 23:55
Created on 28/8/2014, 17:48:46  
Homework 3 has been checked
As usual, the test are in the assignments section, the grades are available on GR, and feedback on the dry part will be sent by e-mail shortly.
Created on 27/8/2014, 21:09:24  
Two-hour tutorials
Starting from tomorrow (27/09) there will be two-hour tutorials, until further notice.
They will cover topics from chapter 4 in the lectures slides.
Created on 26/8/2014, 20:32:57  
Slides for Chapter 4
Were uploaded to the course web site, under Course Material/Lectures.
Created on 24/8/2014, 00:09:33  
Homework 4 update
The missing files have been uploaded to the assignments section.
Created on 22/8/2014, 17:59:36  
Homework 4 has been published
The files required for question 3 in the dry part are missing. Please do not start working on it.
We decided to publish the assignment anyway so that you can start from the other questions.
Last updated on 21/8/2014, 22:57:10  
Lecture notes for lecture on classification of type systems
is now on the course's web site.
Created on 21/8/2014, 02:27:14  
Homework 3 update
Question 2b has been canceled.
Created on 20/8/2014, 14:50:28  
Homework 2 has been checked
The detailed result (including tests and expected results for the wet part) have been uploaded to the homework assignments section.
As in homework assignment 1, I have sent the comments for the theoretical part of the assignment by email.
Created on 19/8/2014, 20:38:39  
Homework 3 update
The submission deadline for homework assignment 3 has been postponed. New deadline is 21/08/2014 at 2355.
Also, a question has been posted to the FAQ section.
Created on 19/8/2014, 11:53:10  
Homework 1
The detailed result (including tests and expected results for the wet part) have been uploaded to the homework assignments section.
Additionally, I have sent the comments for the theoretical part of the assignment by email.
If you didn't get an email, it's probably because you didn't include any address in your submission. If you are interested in getting the comments, please contact Boris.
Created on 14/8/2014, 14:15:07  
Homework 3 has been published
Due date is Wednesday 20/08
Created on 14/8/2014, 08:56:35  
Homework 1
Homework assignment 1 has been graded. The grades are available on GR. Detailed results, as well as personal feedback will be available after all approved late submissions are received, sometime tomorrow.
Created on 13/8/2014, 20:49:17  
Slides and Handouts
Slides and Handouts for next lecture on Wednesday. to discuss atomic types can now be found
in the course web site, under course material
Created on 11/8/2014, 23:59:24  
Homework 2 update
Important updates have peen published in the FAQ section and in the document.
The corrections to the document are highlighted in yellow.
Created on 10/8/2014, 23:43:35  
Homework 2
Homework assignment 2 has been published.
Please note that since the summer semester is very short, you have less than a week for this assignment. It is recommended that you start working on it ASAP.
Created on 7/8/2014, 20:25:03  
Supplementary office hours
Boris will hold supplementary office hours for this course and OOP tomorrow (07/08) in Taub 412 at 1200-1300.
Created on 6/8/2014, 20:21:26  
Homework 1 update
1. A FAQ sections has been created, with one answered question.
2. The link to the Pascal program has been added to the 2nd section.
Created on 4/8/2014, 16:03:06  
Lecture slides have been replaced
Yossi Gil's slides have been uploaded to the course material section.
Tal Cohen's slides have been moved, and are still available.
Created on 3/8/2014, 19:43:35  
Homework 1
Homework assignment 1 has been published
Created on 31/7/2014, 17:17:13  
Go examples
The Go code samples from the tutorial have been uploaded to the Course Material section
Created on 30/7/2014, 18:33:34  
Update on the schedule for Wednesday
The tutorial will be from 10:30 to 12:30, and after that there will an hour for Q&A (12:30-13:30).
The topics for the tutorials will be Go and Introduction to ML.
Created on 29/7/2014, 15:22:27  
First Week Schedule
The semester if off to rocky start. There will be some changes to the schedule for this week:
Today (Sunday) we will have a 3 hour lecture and (10:30-13:30) and a 1 hour tutorial (13:30-14:30).
On Wednesday we will have a 3 hour tutorial.
Created on 27/7/2014, 09:37:27  
The course staff welcomes you and wishes you luck in the course
Created on 27/7/2014, 09:34:50