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Reception Hours before the exam
Monday 13:30-15:30 Arthur
Tuesday 11:00-13:00 Assaf
Sunday 16:00-18:00 Ilya
Tuesday 12:30 - 14:30 Igor

Additional hours will be posted later on
Last updated on 22/2/2015, 14:19:53  
Exam A appeals
The appeals were checked and the grades are updated in gr. The appeals will be available in the secretary tomorrow.
Created on 17/2/2015, 14:29:40  
Exam A solution & appeals
Exam A solution was published in the material section of the course.
Please, before you appeal, make sure that you understand the question and the solution.
Created on 9/2/2015, 16:58:01  
Exam A appeals (note the date update)
The appeal should be submitted before 16/02 12:30 into the Alex's mailbox @ floor 5

When you submit an appeal, please attach a scan of the exam and please print your appeal on a separate page
Last updated on 15/2/2015, 11:17:57  
Grade formula
Hw_avg = 0.02*HW1_dry+0.02*HW2_dry+0.02*HW3_dry+0.02*HW4_dry+0.05*HW1_wet+0.08*HW2_wet+0.09*HW3_wet+0.05*HW4_wet
Final_A=round( Exam_A_Factor<50 ? Exam_A_Factor : ( Exam_A_Factor<55 ? 55 : Exam_A_Factor*0.65+Hw_avg ) )
Created on 3/2/2015, 10:43:59  
Important note
Students that their IDs are 204655658 & 201450947. Please contact Leonid by email.
Created on 1/2/2015, 18:44:44  
Wet2 & Wet3 appeals
Hisham will give we2&3 reception hours on Tuesday 3.2 13:00-14:00
Created on 1/2/2015, 16:21:08  
Homework 4 dry part solution
Pubished in home assignments section of the site
Created on 25/1/2015, 12:54:55  
Homework 2
Homework 2 grades are published.

Dry part appeals should be submitted to Ilya, you have 2 weeks starting today to do that.

Hisham will hold reception hour for wet2 appeals on Tuesday 20/1 9:30-11:30
Last updated on 18/1/2015, 17:27:00  
Homework 4
Note that the correct submission date is 22/01 12:30
Created on 18/1/2015, 12:54:15  
Just to clarify any doubt: the exam is a closed book one.
Created on 18/1/2015, 12:50:59  
Exam reception hours
Dear students, the exam period is getting close. The course staff will provide you with additional assistance before the exam:

Assaf: Mon 19/01 10:00 - 12:00
Arie: Tue 20/01 11:30 - 13:30
Igor: Tue 20/01 14:30 - 16:30
Ilya: Wed 21/01 10:30 - 11:30
Leonid: Thu 22/01 10:30 - 12:30
Arthur: Sun 25/01 13:30 15:30 Room 301 (note the room change)

Please come with specific questions: the more prepared you come, the more effective the reception hour will be.

Created on 18/1/2015, 12:50:15  
Homework 4
Homework 4 is published
Created on 5/1/2015, 18:47:17  
Leonid's office was (permanently) changed to 717.
Created on 1/1/2015, 07:57:31  
Homework 3 submission
You may submit hw3 until 04/01 12:30. Enjoy!
Created on 31/12/2014, 17:53:41  
Homework 3 submission
For those, who tried to submit the wet part of homework 3 and failed to do that, the problem should be fixed now. Please try again, let Alex know if there still is problem
Created on 31/12/2014, 11:04:29  
Note that, this Tue only, 30/12,Igor will hold
hist reception hours 16:30-17:30.
Last updated on 28/12/2014, 07:28:55  
"To all students in Arthur's Monday group: Please note that next tutorial will include 2 presentations: Networking and Virtual Memory 1"
Created on 27/12/2014, 10:50:24  
HW1 wet reception hours
Hisham will hold his reception hours Thursday 25.12 on 9:30-10:30
Last updated on 23/12/2014, 20:22:37  
HW3 update
Please note that hw3.pdf and mylist.h was slightly updated. Please make sure you re-download.

There are two updates:
1. type "linked_list__t" instead of "linked_list_t"
Notification published in piazza forum:

2. change in functions signature: list_free(list_t**) to
Notification published in piazza forum as well:
Last updated on 22/12/2014, 13:06:37  
Homework 1
Homework 1 grades are available. Appeals should be submitted to Arthur until 18/12
Created on 9/12/2014, 12:04:26  
Homework 3
Homework 3 is published, enjoy!
Created on 9/12/2014, 10:59:21  
Homework 2 update
Please note that homework 2 was postponed to 7/12 12:30. Enjoy!
Created on 3/12/2014, 13:52:07  
Homework 2 update
Minor corrections were made to the wet part of homework 2, please make sure you re-download it
Created on 21/11/2014, 14:50:12  
Complementary lecture this Thursday
As was announced during the last lecture, this week Leonid will give a complementary lecture. As there is a different lecture at 10:30, attended by many of the students, the complementary lecture will be given at 12:30-14:20 at Taub 1.
Created on 18/11/2014, 21:16:58  
Homework 2
Homework 2 is published. Due date is 4/12
Created on 16/11/2014, 14:26:31  
Assaf's reception hour
Assaf will give a reception hour today 13/11 11:30
Created on 13/11/2014, 10:52:38  
Homework 1 is postponed to 15/11. Please note that no addition extension will be given.
Created on 9/11/2014, 12:02:26  
Homework 1 FAQ was added
Created on 9/11/2014, 11:59:41  
No lecture this week
As was announced, Leonid is abroad. Therefore there will be no lecture this week (and no Leonid's office hours).
Created on 4/11/2014, 23:17:48  
Correction of HW1
Corrected version of hw1 was uploaded to the site, please make sure you download it.
Created on 3/11/2014, 16:01:03  
Homework 1 is up
Created on 2/11/2014, 11:09:48  
Dear students, please make sure you register for the piazza forum, which will be used to manager homework forum:
Created on 26/10/2014, 10:26:58  

HW0 and other announcements

1. Please notice that HW0 is published and can be found in 'Assignments' section.
You are not required to submit it, while it helps you to get the tools and skills needed for the next assignments.

2. A video of, VMware session can be found in under the name 'sadna'. It has all the explanations about HW0. You need your student login to enter it.

3. In the Assignments section you can find the cover pages for HW1-4 and the common mistakes.
Do not attach HW wet and dry together! Otherwise HWs are missed in checking and other unpleasant situations can happen.

4. You can download the image from:

Good Luck,
The Course Staff
Created on 26/10/2014, 10:09:27  
Welcome to course 234123 - Operating Systems Winter 2014-2015
Shalom all and good luck in the course!

1. Please notice that tutorials will be held on the first week even before lectures.
2. The syllabus and regulations are available on the website (see the Syllabus section). Read carefully the regulations. If you have any question regarding it please feel free to contact us for clarifications. We want to emphasize that this is important to read the regulations, since this is how the course will be regulated. Afterwards you can not say we didn't know...

Course Staff.
Created on 19/10/2014, 14:29:10