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A note to Arthur's students
Please note that (only) today recitation will take place at Taub 2.
Created on 26/3/2015, 10:07:59  
Recitation schedule update
Note to the students of Arthur's group (was Thu 10:30). The recitation moves to Thu 12:30 Taub 7 (both the room and the time have changed)

Note to the students of Arie's group (was Wed 10:30). The recitation moved to Taub 7 (only the room has changed).

Both changes are effective starting this week. If, as a result of this change, you can not attend any other recitation group, please contact Alex.
Created on 22/3/2015, 13:52:05  
Piazza forum
Please make sure you register with the Piazza forum:

All the Q&A is there.
Created on 21/3/2015, 19:47:55  
Homework 0
1. Please notice that HW0 is published and can be found in 'Assignments' section.
You are not required to submit it, while it helps you to get the tools and skills needed for the next assignments.

2. A video of VMware session can be found in under the name 'sadna'. It has all the explanations about HW0. You need your student login to enter it.

3. In the Assignments section you can find the cover pages for HW1-4 and the common mistakes.
Do not attach HW wet and dry together! Otherwise HWs are missed in checking and other unpleasant situations can happen.

4. You can download the image from:
Last updated on 21/3/2015, 19:50:22