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Alex reception hours before exam
Alex reception hours before exam Moed B will take place at 10:30 - 12:30 (Sep. 14, Sunday)
Last updated on 9/9/2014, 21:41:38  
Dan's reception hours before exam
Dan will give his reception hours before exam as scheduled tomorrow Tuesday, September 09, at 15:00-17:00.
Created on 8/9/2014, 14:03:36  
Reception Hours Before Moed B Exam
The exam will take place on Monday (15/09/2014), 09:00-11:30, in Taub building

Sep. 08, Monday, Anastasia: 10:30-12:30
Sep. 09, Tuesday, Dan: the hours will be published soon
Sep. 10, Wednesday, Omri: 10:00-12:00
Sep. 11, Thursday, Ilya: 13:30-15:30
Sep. 14, Sunday, Alex: the hours will be published soon

Good Luck,
The Course Staff
Created on 7/9/2014, 13:22:53  
All appeals for Moed A were checked and the grades for relevant student were updated. The appeals will be given to the secretariat on Wednesday.
Created on 4/8/2014, 18:51:04  
Hesham's reception hours for HW4 wet
Sunday 27/7 12:30-13:30
Monday 28/7 12:30-13:30
Created on 24/7/2014, 22:53:51  
Final grades after exam A are published
The factor of 15 points was given and the final grade was calculated in the following way:

finalA = round( examAfactor<50 ? examAfactor : (examAfactor<55 ? 55 : examAfactor*0.65+Hw_Avg) )

where: examAfactor = round(ExamA+15) and Hw_Avg = 0.02*HW1_dry+0.02*HW2_dry+0.02*HW3_dry+0.02*HW4_dry+0.05*HW1_wet+0.08*HW2_wet+0.09*HW3_wet+0.05*HW4_wet

In other words, whoever after the factor got a grade less then 50 didn't pass the course.
Whoever after the factor got a grade between 50 and 54 included, finally got 55 without HWs - just passing the course.
All the rest got 65% from the exam grade with factor and 35% from their HWs average.

The appeals policy was already explained in the previous announcement.

The Course Staff
Last updated on 14/7/2014, 20:48:13  
HW4 wet grades are updated
With all questions please refer to Omri and Hesham. The final course grades will be published shortly.
Created on 13/7/2014, 16:40:39  
Hesham's reception hours for HW3 wet
Another Hesham's reception hours for HW3 wet will take place tomorrow (Sunday, 13/7) at 17:30-18:30
Created on 12/7/2014, 16:52:14  
Exam A grades
Moed A exam grades and solution were published. The final grades including HWs and factor (if needed) are going to be calculated by the beginning of the next week.

The exams will be returned to the secretariat tomorrow and you can use them for appeals. All appeals should be handed to Anastasia's cell at floor 5. You should fill the usual form for an appeal (see ) and attach a printed version of the checked exam. The appeals must be submitted till 22/07 12:00 noon.

Your appeal's text MUST be printed! Not printed appeals will be automatically rejected!!

Note that in most of the cases the relevant questions will be checked again, and in some cases the whole exam will be rechecked.
Created on 7/7/2014, 20:12:30  
HW3 dry grades are published
All related questions need to be sent to Omri.
Created on 6/7/2014, 18:33:32  
Hesham's Wet3 Reception Hours
Hesham will give reception hours for HW3 at Wednesday 9/7 17:00-18:30.
He will give more reception hours later if needed. Please contact Hesham via email prior to arriving to his reception hours.

Created on 5/7/2014, 13:11:10  
Please pay attention that HW4 dry grades are published. For all questions please contact Omri.
Also, we cancelled tests 3 & 11 in HW3 wet part and the points will be increased automatically to all the groups.

Good Luck in the Exam,
The Course Staff
Created on 29/6/2014, 17:28:23  
HW2 dry grades are published
Created on 25/6/2014, 16:37:37  
Change in Leonid's reception hours
Please pay attention that Leonid will be given his reception hours as following:

25/06 Wednesday: 10:30-11:30 and 12:30-13:30
Created on 25/6/2014, 08:19:18  
Change in Dan's reception hours
Please pay attention that Dan will be given his reception hours as following:

25/06 Wednesday: 13:30-14:30 Dan
26/06 Thursday: 14:30-15:30 Dan
Created on 24/6/2014, 12:47:09  
all updated lectures now available via the course website
Created on 23/6/2014, 18:48:33  
HW3 Wet grades are published
The test descriptions and tests pass/fail descriptions can be found near the assignment. With all questions refer only to Omri or Hesham.
Created on 23/6/2014, 17:22:22  
Exam A
Due to requests we are publishing some information about the exam, although there is nothing different from previous semesters:

1. The exam is with closed material
2. The exam is going to take 2.5 hours, unless a special postponement is given in the exam time
3. Any material taught this semester in lectures or tutorials can be asked in the exam

Good Luck,
The Course Staff
Created on 22/6/2014, 15:35:10  
Announcements for Ilya's group
Since Ilya's group have finished the material, on the next tutorial Ilya is going to solve the exam's questions, instead of the tutorial.
Created on 22/6/2014, 15:25:10  
Preparation to Exam
Exam will take place on Monday 30/06, 13:00-15:30, in Ulman.
Exams from previous semesters with solutions can be found under 'Course Material'.
We are going to give the following reception hours:

23/06 Monday: 14:30-16:30 Alex
24/06 Tuesday: 14:00-16:00 Anastasia
25/06 Wednesday: 10:30-12:30 Leonid, 12:30-14:30 Dan
26/06 Thursday: 12:30-14:30 Arie
29/06 Sunday: 10:00-12:00 Omri, 14:30-16:30 Ilya

Good Luck!
The Course Staff
Last updated on 19/6/2014, 10:09:50  
Complementary tutorial for Anastasia's group
On 18/06/2014, at 12:30-14:30, there going to be a complementary tutorial for Anastasia's group. It is going to take place in Taub 5.
Created on 15/6/2014, 15:52:30  
Hesham's Wet2 Reception Hours
Unfortunately, Hesham's reception hours today (01/06) are cancelled, he will give complementary reception hours tomorrow (02/06) at 17:30.
Sorry for late notice
Created on 1/6/2014, 09:10:36  
HW4 Dry and Wet are published
The due date is 18/06, 12:30 at noon. Please start working on it.
Created on 28/5/2014, 16:15:04  
The Wet HWs Appeals Procedure
Anyone who want to appeal need to refer to the HW checker (Hesham) by email or in his reception hours and keep in mind that the following rules will apply. 10 points are reduced for a technical error (as compilation error or submission corruption) and 20 points are reduced for a minor code change. The tests are not published.
Created on 27/5/2014, 11:31:28  
HW3 is postponed in one day
Due to T2 failure HW3 is postponed in one day.
Created on 26/5/2014, 11:02:03  
Mini FAQ regarding hw3 dry question 2
Q: What do coarse grain locking and fine grain locking mean in the context of the assignment?

A: For the purpose of the assignment, coarse grain locking means locking an entire data structure, or locking large parts of it, while fine grain locking means locking small parts of the data structure, even as small as locking single elements.
For example, in the wet part of the assignment, one could lock the entire matrix, lock tiles, or lock cells on every update.
Created on 25/5/2014, 21:29:38  
Hesham's reception hours for wet 2
Hesham is going to hold the reception hours for Wet 2 in the following times:

- Monday 26/5 12:30-1:30
- Sunday 1/6 16:30-17:30

Whoever got zero in the HW2 assignment, please contact Hesham via email prior to your coming.
Created on 25/5/2014, 13:20:41  
Complementary lecture for Leonid's group
As was announced, Leonid will be giving complementary lecture on Wed (May 28, 12:30-14:30). The same lecture will be given on Sunday (June 01, 15:30-17:30). The topic of these lectures will be Virtual Memory (2). Virtual Memory (1) will be given on Wed (May 28) on the regular lecture time.
Created on 24/5/2014, 19:54:42  
HW2 Wet grades are published
The test descriptions and tests pass/fail descriptions can be found near the assignment. With all questions refer only to Omri or Hesham.
Created on 22/5/2014, 23:15:32  
Tomorrow (May 05) there will be no lecture for Leonid's group
Created on 6/5/2014, 13:37:28  
HW3 dry and wet are published
The due date is Monday, 26/05, at 12:30 noon. Please start working on this assignment as soon as possible. When you submit HW2 please pay attention to use the correct link for electronic submission.

Good Luck,
The Course Staff
Created on 4/5/2014, 14:30:46  
Complementary tutorial for Anastasia's group
will be given on Wednesday 7/05 at 12:30-14:30 in Taub 5.
Created on 4/5/2014, 12:01:07  
HW2 is postponed in one more day
Created on 3/5/2014, 14:08:15  
HW checker reception hours for HW1
Hesham will give reception hours in this Wednesday (30/04) at 12:30-14:30 and on next Wednesday (07/05) at 12:30-14:30. All those who got 0 please send him an email before coming.
Created on 29/4/2014, 11:37:00  
lecture handouts
Updated handouts for 'synchronization' and 'deadlocks' can be found at:
Last updated on 28/4/2014, 20:43:45  
The HW1 grades are published
Test descriptions can be found near the assignment. For clarifications please contact Omri Azencot or Hesham Asli - our HW checker.

The Course Staff
Created on 28/4/2014, 11:59:23  
Alex reception hours today
will be given at 16:30 and not at 15:30 as published yesterday
Created on 28/4/2014, 11:07:08  
Reception hours this week
This week Alex will give additional reception hours at Monday (28/04) at 15:30. Additionally, Alex will not answer HW2 questions in postponement days 2/05, 3/04 (Friday, Saturday). So ask him everything in the original HW2 time.

Ilya will not give reception hours this week, if you need him, please contact via email.
Created on 27/4/2014, 18:51:11  
HW2 is postponed, not affecting HW3
Hi All,

HW2 is postponed till Sunday, 4/05/2014, 12:30 noon. In the same day, just after this submission, the HW3 will be published as planned.

The Course Staff
Created on 27/4/2014, 14:06:04  
FAQ for HW2
Pay attention that FAQ for HW2 were updated
Created on 24/4/2014, 12:48:38  
No lecture tomorrow for Leonid's group
In order to maintain both Dan's and Leonid's lectures in sync Leonid will not give lecture tomorrow (23/04). In case we will need a complementary lecture we will do it on Sunday/Wednesday on the week after Shavuot or the students day. A separate announcement will be sent.

Sorry for a late notification.
Created on 22/4/2014, 19:48:09  
Tomorrow Lecture - 7/04/2014
The lecture on Monday (for one time only) is going to be given in Taub 9. Sorry for late notice.
Created on 6/4/2014, 12:27:55  
Please mind small, but important addition to HW1 FAQ.
Created on 27/3/2014, 10:29:33  
lecture handouts
updated handouts of the lectures so far can be found at:
Created on 26/3/2014, 23:17:17  
Complementary tutorial for Anastasia's group
Anastasia's group will have a complementary tutorial this Sunday (30/03), at 16:30-18:30, in Taub 337. Please pay attention that Taub 337 is on 3d floor on the left side from the lifts and not where all other class rooms are located.

Created on 26/3/2014, 17:09:31  
FAQ and Piazza
The usage of Piazza comes instead using the emails to the TA responsible for some HW. There always are same questions coming from different students. So in order to ask something or clarify something regarding any HW, you must first check that it wasn't answered previously on Piazza and if not, then ask your question via Piazza. Personal emails may not be answered, repeated questions on Piazza may not be answered.
If there is A CHANGE in requirements, from what was originally stated in the HW - it will be published on FAQ.

Pay attention that FAQ for HW1 were updated. We are not going to send an announcement for each FAQ update, this is your responsibility to check it there.

The Course Staff
Created on 26/3/2014, 11:57:22  
HW1 Dry and HW1 Wet are up!

HW1 Dry and Wet are published, the due date is 8/04 at 12:30 noon. We know that you might have Moed B exams, so manage your time from now and plan how to submit on time. In addition those are the dates of HWs:

HW1 18/03 --> 08/04
HW2 10/04 --> 01/05
HW3 04/05 --> 25/05
HW4 28/05 --> 18/06

Good Luck,
The Course Staff
Created on 18/3/2014, 15:54:19  

This semester we will continue using Piazza for hw discussions.
Find our class page at:
And here you can sign up:

The Course Staff
Created on 17/3/2014, 16:13:38  
Linux Image - fixed
Linux Image uploaded on the site under "Material" was corrupted. You can take it from my web page:
Look after "Updated Linux Image for OS course 234123 (Spring 2014)"

Sorry for the inconvenience,
The Course Staff
Created on 11/3/2014, 15:27:55  
Dan's lecture moves to Taub 2
Hi All,

Dan's lecture (Monday, 14:30-16:30) permanently moves to more convenient Taub 2. Also for today (10/03). Sorry, for late notice please update your friends if they do not know.

The Course Staff
Created on 10/3/2014, 12:10:23  
Linux Image
The Dropbox link is not working, please find the image in "Material" section.

The Course Staff
Created on 6/3/2014, 20:02:50  
HW0 and other announcements

1. Please notice that HW0 is published and can be found in 'Assignments' section.
You are not required to submit it, while it helps you to get the tools and skills needed for the next assignments.
It will be most helpful if you accomplish it before 17/03.

2. A video of, VMware session can be found in under the name 'sadna'. It has all the explanations about HW0. You need your student login to enter it.

3. In the Assignments section you can find the cover pages for HW1-4 and the common mistakes.
Do not attach HW wet and dry together! Otherwise HWs are missed in checking and other unpleasant situations can happen.

Good Luck,
The Course Staff
Created on 6/3/2014, 18:43:57  
Linux Image
The Linux Image version version available in the library is not compatible with the recent VM Player versions. Please download the player from and use the following link for downloading the Linux Image. Rest installation guidance you will get from HW0 that will be published very soon.

The Course Staff
Last updated on 5/3/2014, 16:10:42  
Welcome to course 234123 - Operating Systems Spring 2014
Shalom all and good luck in the course!

1. Please notice that tutorials will be held on the first week even before lectures.
2. The syllabus and regulations are available on the website (see the Syllabus section). Read carefully the regulations. If you have any question regarding it please feel free to contact us for clarifications. We want to emphasize that this is important to read the regulations, since this is how the course will be regulated. Afterwards you can not say we didn't know...

Course Staff.
Created on 2/3/2014, 13:55:18