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234122 - Introduction to Systems Programming - מבוא לתכנות מערכות
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HW0 is online.
submission date is next Thursday - 30.10.
There will be 2 workshops next week to help with this assignment:

Ofer - Sunday 26.10, 16:30-18:30
Amir - Wednesday, 29.10 9:30-11:30

The workshops will be held at the pc-farm at room 018
Created on 23/10/2014, 17:01:59  
Lecture location change (again)
The lectures will now be held at Taub 7.

In the next week (27/10) there will be no lecture.
A complementary lecture will be held on Sunday 2.11 at 16:30 (Taub 7)
The lecture on 3.11 will take place as usual.
Created on 21/10/2014, 14:32:07  
Lecture location change
The lecture will be held at Taub 1 (and not Taub 2 as it appears in UG)
This is a permanent change.
Created on 19/10/2014, 14:43:43  
First week announcement
Danny's tutorial on Monday morning will be held as usual, as the material for the first tutorial is independent of the first lecture.
Shlomo will hold a complementary tutorial for Sunday's group on Wednesday 22\10 at 12:30, Taub 5.
Sunday's group will miss a tutorial on the 14/12 (the week of Hanukkah).
Created on 19/10/2014, 11:10:30  
Welcome to Introduction to System Programming (מת"מ) - Winter 2014-2015
This is the first mail from the "Introduction to Systems Programming " (234122) course staff in the semester of Winter 2014-2015.
Every student registered to the course, should get this mail. All the information you need appears at the course webpage at

The course announcements, notifications, changes etc., will be published on the webpage and through this mailing list. It is your responsibility to be updated and to check from time to time for new information posted on the webpage.

The lecture and tutorial slides can be downloaded from the "Course Material" section.
You can use the "Find a partner" section to find partners for the homework assignments.
The lecture hours and the email addresses of the staff appear in the "Staff" section (the office hours will be published soon). Please contact us if you have any problems and we will do our best to resolve them.

We wish you a fruitful and enjoyable semester.
Created on 14/10/2014, 17:27:53