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HW3 main example
Please notice to the updated main_example.cpp which can be read
from T2.

Good Luck !
Created on 14/9/2014, 12:25:22  
Inheritance slides were updated
Minor modifications only
Created on 9/9/2014, 14:16:02  
Template slides (PDF) were updated
Sorry for the delay - Enjoy
Created on 9/9/2014, 13:40:31  
HW3 has been published.
During the coming day - Please ONLY READ AND THINK.
A more detailed example will be published in a day and a half.
The HW also deals with templates and inheritance -
which will be discussed this week.
So in the coming day - just think and design your code.
Good Luck !
Created on 7/9/2014, 12:23:34  
Tirgul - Wednesday 3.9.2014
Hello to Everybody !

The tirgul today Wednesday 3.9.2014 will start not before 14:20.
We'll try to shorten the break.

Created on 3/9/2014, 06:57:54  
Slides of m07_OPO were updated
It will affect today's lecture
Created on 3/9/2014, 01:08:58  
Here it is :

typedef enum tq_status

Good Luck to Everybody !
Created on 31/8/2014, 16:53:05  
Hello to everybody !

Here are the current main updates/answers that have been given
to some students.
Please notice that some of them have been already published
in the FAQs.

1. hw2_test_examples.c :
in test2, after there is a call to TQ_get_test,
there have been added two calls to free as such :

It's already published and signed in the relevant place.

2. Let's agree that all functions that need to compare two entities and
decide if they are equal do return an int value and NOT a bool value.
if there is an equality then 1 is returned. else 0 is returned.

3. TQ_ILLEGAL_INPUT_OR_OUTPUT is relevant in
TQ_add_test when the input or output of the test parameter
is NULL. It's NOT relevant in TQ_update_test.

4. in TQ_get_test : if the output parameter is NULL then
TQ_FAIL is returned.

5. Please notice that the physical list of tests is handled by
Xlist and NOT by TQ. TQ uses Xlist.
Xlist does NOT know anything about TE nor about any fields called
input or output.
However - TQ DOES KNOW about the fields of TE and DOES know
that in the fields of input and output there are any entities who
are pointed by a pointer.

Let's have a calm week !

Good Luck to everybody !

Last updated on 31/8/2014, 15:10:11  
#include tq.h
In hw2_test_examples.c
it should be, of course,
#include "tq.h"
and NOT
#include "tq_sol.h" as is written.
It has been already updated in the file in T2.

Good Luck !
Created on 29/8/2014, 09:01:45  
GCC and more
שלום לכולם !

ליד תרגיל בית 2 פורסם קובץ שמפרט את מה שנדרש
לצורך הידור וקישור של התוכנית שצריך לכתוב.
אנא קראוהו בעיון וודאו שאתם עומדים בדרישות.

בהצלחה !
Created on 29/8/2014, 08:20:55  
HW2 news
Please notice :
The file hw2_test_examples.c (in T2) has been slightly updated.

The call to TQ_create has been updated a little in what
concerns to the actual parameters.

Good Luck !
Created on 28/8/2014, 12:34:45  
HW2 files
The files for HW2 are NOT on the TX as stated earlier, but on the T2 server.
To copy the files to your current directory:
1. Log on to your T2 account.
2. cd to the desired directory.
3. cp ~mtm/public/1314c/ex2/* . (note the dot at the end - it matters).

Good Luck!
Last updated on 26/8/2014, 12:10:21  
HW2 has been published
HW2 has been published.

Additional files concerning the HW appear in T2
in ~/mtm/public/1314c/ex2.

Due date : Friday 5.9.2014 14:00.

Good Luck !
Last updated on 26/8/2014, 11:33:25  
The tirgul - Monday 25.8.2014
The tirgul on Monday 25.8.2014 will start at 14:00.
Reminder - No lecture on this day.
See you.
Created on 21/8/2014, 14:22:18  
Hello to everybody :
HW2 will be about generic ADT, Nested ADTs, make etc.
It will be published in a day or two.
assumed Due date : about 1.9.2014.
We'll have in addition :
HW3 - wet - about C++.
Assumed due date : about middle of September.
It seems that in addition to 3 main wet HWS (HW1 - Bash,
HW2 - C ADT, HW3 - C++) we'll have also a single dry HW
relevant to all of the material of the course. This HW may be given
in parallel to the wet HW3 or nearby.

Good Luck to all of the students !
Last updated on 21/8/2014, 14:23:04  
Lecture changes
1. No lecture on Monday Aug. 25th.
2. on each of the two following lectures there will be one hour added, as a compensation.
Lectures on 27/8 and 1/9 will be 11:30 - 14:30.

Created on 21/8/2014, 03:08:52  
Hello to the students !

Here are some answers to questions that have been already asked :
Q: How many scripts should I write ?
A: As many as you need. The code should be well planned and modular.
You should write a docx file in which you'll explain the structure
of your code.

Q: What about possible flags that come after the name of the
command. Do we cont them as parameters ?
A: flags that are words whose first char is minus sign are NOT
count as parameters. All other words that come after the name
of the commnad do count as parameters.

Q: How do I recognize the end of the code of a function ?
Well, in this HW we can assume as the function ends with
a line that contains ONLY the } char (and possibly remarks after
that. Of course, solutions that find the end of a function
without this assumption are better.

Q: Is it allowed to use temporary files ?
A: In pricipal, we prefer to use pipes and NOT use temporary files.
In case that we do not find a way to solve some point unless
using temporary files - please ask Israel again about that point.

Good Luck !
Created on 9/8/2014, 22:06:48  
The coming Monday
On the coming Monday we'll continue (tirgulim) with the C Chapter
of the course.
See you on Monday.
Good Luck !
Created on 8/8/2014, 15:12:27  
extended tutorials
Hello to Everybody !

Please notice that the tutorials (tirgulim) start at 14:30
and may continue beyond 16:30. We may stay even till
17:00 or towards 17:20. This is already updated in the
formal UG system. As we've spoke in class, please be prepared
to stay till the end of the class.

Good Luck !
Created on 8/8/2014, 15:09:47  
HW1 has been published.
Hello to Everybody.
HW1 has been published.
Due date : Sunday 17.8.2014 18:00.
Please verify that your solution works on T2.
Good Luck !
Created on 8/8/2014, 15:05:14  
Welcome - Summer 2014
Welcome to the course
234122 Introduction To System Programming - Summer 2014.
The course staff wish all the students Good Luck !
Created on 30/7/2014, 08:15:52