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HW2 grades
HW2 grades are online.
The tests will be published in a few days, after all students who received extensions due to reserve duty will submit their work.
Students who submitted their email, will receive their execution log when the tests are published.

Appeals should be sent to Danny by mail (danrasin@tx).
Appeals sent before the publishing of the tests, will be ignored.
You may only appeal if your code passed the final check script.

Note that the grade for late submissions (even those who were approved) may appear only in a few days.

The grade for the assignment is calculated with 0.9*wet + dry.
The wet grade is given based on both automatic tests and a manual check.
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HW submissions
Students who are interested in receiving the results of the tests of their homework assignments by email are asked to submit their email addresses.
Please see the instructions in the assignments section.

You are requested to submit the dry part of future assignments with the cover page found in the assignment section.
Created on 17/12/2014, 16:19:37  
Files Update and a Checking Script Published
- The FAQ was updated so you are more than welcome to read it.
- The test files were updated - you should re download them.

Also, a checking script was uploaded, and it is crucial that you use it before handing in your work.
It checks that your submission is legal so if you won't use it you might FAIL in the automatic check.
Students who won't use this script wouldn't be able to appeal and resubmit like HW1.
An information file about the script can be found under the assignment in the website.

Good luck and Happy Hanuka,
The course staff.
Last updated on 16/12/2014, 03:06:15  
HW1 - Allowing Students to Resubmit
We’ve decided to allow students to do minor corrections and resubmit HW1, with a penalty of at least 30 points (i.e. 30 points will be reduced for a small single-line correction, and the penalty will be larger for a more significant correction).
So you can’t get more than 70 on HW1 if you choose to resubmit. Those interested should send an email to Ofer (ogivoli@cs) BEFORE spending time on correcting their solution. Explain in your email the correction(s) you’re willing to make.
In future assignments - do NOT forget to run the final check script (one for HW3 will soon be published), and test your solution thoroughly.
Last updated on 13/12/2014, 19:10:19  
HW1 grades
The grades for HW1 were published. Sorry for the delay, we had to wait for late submissions due to MILUIM.

The tests used for checking your submissions can be found on T2 at:

There are 67 tests:
Tests 1-42 used the MainDirectory published as an example (“MainDirectory1”). For each failed test 2 points were reduced.
Tests 43-67 used another MainDirectory (“MainDirectory2”). For each failed test 1 point was reduced.
Also – 5 points were reduced for each day your submission was late (excluding Saturday).
The official solution is available at:

Appeals can be sent to Ofer by email (ogivoli@cs) until 21/12/2014 23:55. If you’ve failed tests on the final check script published with the assignment - make sure you understand why before appealing. We can't process appeals about mistakes made due to not running the final check script. We generally can’t accept code corrections.
You can see which tests you've failed in the following excel file (search for the last 4 digits of your ID):
Created on 7/12/2014, 13:44:35  
HW 3 relaxation
Due to confusion the use of qsort when sorting the list is NOT a mandatory.

Have a good week,
The course staff :)
Created on 6/12/2014, 17:26:42  
HW3 update
Please notice that the pdf was updated,
two more insertion functions to the list were added and some explanations were updated.

the functions that were added are:
- listInsertBeforeCurrent
- listInsertAfterCurrent

Good luck,
The course staff.
Last updated on 1/12/2014, 21:47:50  
HW3 workshops clarification
The dates and times of the workshops are:

2.12 (Tue) 8:30-10:30 (Shlomo)
4.12 (Thu) 12:30-14:30 (Danny)
7.12 (Sun) 16:30-18:30 (Ofer)
10.12 (Wed) 09:30-11:30 (Amir)
22.12 (Mon) 10:30-12:30 (Danny)
23.12 (Tue) 8:30-10:30 (Shlomo)
Created on 29/11/2014, 00:27:59  
HW3 is online
submission date is 25.12
The material to solve the whole assignment will be taught next week,
but you can start working on the dry part of the assignment and designing
the second part of the wet part.
It is considered as big assignment so you have a month to solve it,
please begin to work as early as you can so you could use the TAs help.

Workshops will be given in the next 2 weeks:
The workshops will take place at the PC farm, room 018
(Tue) 8:30-10:30 (Shlomo)
(Thu) 12:30-14:30 (Danny)
(Sun) 16:30-18:30 (Ofer)
(Wed) 09:30-11:30 (Amir)
As mentioned You are welcome to think together in the workshops
about the designing concepts and ask the TAs for help,
take in to considerations that the TAs can't help you with implementation details.

The verification scripts for this assignment will be uploaded later and a message will be sent about it.

Good luck,
The course staff
Created on 27/11/2014, 23:56:46  
Tutorial location change
Danny's Tutorial (Monday's group) is moved to Ulman 304.
Created on 23/11/2014, 15:10:09  
Ofer's tutorials are moving to a new location
Ofer's tutorials (Wednesdays 14:30-16:30) will move to Taub 8 (permanently) - starting this Wednesday.
Created on 17/11/2014, 13:49:10  
Important Message for Students Going to Ofer’s Tutorials (Wednesdays):
Please watch the screen-recording videos made by Ofer, available at:

Ofer’s next tutorial (19.11) will start from tutorial 4 - slide 10 (the videos cover the material up to that point).
Note that you should watch these videos before starting to work on HW2.

For any questions/problems regarding the videos please contact Ofer (ogivoli@cs).
Created on 14/11/2014, 01:45:43  
HW2 is online.
submission date is 27.11

Workshops for assignment 2 will be given in the next 2 weeks:
The workshops will take place at the PC farm, room 018
18.11 (Tue) 8:30-10:30 (Shlomo)
20.11 (Thu) 12:30-14:30 (Danny)
23.11 (Sun) 16:30-18:30 (Ofer)
26.11 (Wed) 09:30-11:30 (Amir)
Created on 13/11/2014, 20:43:15  
Lecture location change
The lectures are moved back to Taub 1.
The change is permanent
Created on 9/11/2014, 16:57:02  
HW1 (Bash)
The HW1 (Bash) assignment was modified in order to make the get_users_with_hobby script easier to implement. If you already have a working script - no changes are necessary, and you can ignore the rest of this message.

The modification is the following: you may now assume that each hobby (i.e. each line in the hobbies.txt files) is a string of one or more characters, each character being an English letter (either lower-case or upper-case) or a space. Note that a sequence of multiple spaces is possible. Before this modification, any non-newline character was possible. Note that the published “main directory” example and tests were not modified – as they don't conflict with this new assumption.
Last updated on 8/11/2014, 20:27:57  
HW0 grades
HW0 grades are online
Most students handled this assignment perfectly.

Most common major mistakes were:
* submitting files with wrong names (any name other than part1.c and mtm_buggy.c)
* placing the files inside an inner directory in the zip file.
Common minor point reductions were due to bad memory handling.

Following the submission instructions is important - and we will accept no appeals for such mistakes.
Please make sure you follow the exact submission instructions in future assignments.

You can appeal only if you followed the exact submission instructions AND your code passes the tests initially provided with the assignment.
Any other appeal with be automatically rejected.

Appeals should be submitted to Danny by mail (danrasin@tx)
Created on 7/11/2014, 14:25:18  
Workshops for assignment 1 will be given in the next 2 weeks:
The workshops will take place at the PC farm, room 018
4.11 (Tue) 8:30-10:30 (Shlomo)
6.11 (Thu) 12:30-14:30 (Danny)
9.11 (Sun) 16:30-18:30 (Ofer)
12.11 (Wed) 09:30-11:30 (Amir)
Created on 3/11/2014, 11:01:02  
HW1 (Bash)
HW1 is online.
Submission date is 13.11 (Thursday) at 23:55.
A separate message regarding workshops will follow.
Created on 31/10/2014, 04:25:01  
Important Message for Students Going to Ofer’s Tutorials (Wednesdays):
Please watch the screen-recording videos made by Ofer, available at:

Ofer’s next tutorial (5.11) will start from tutorial 2 - slide 35 (the videos cover the material up to that point).
Note that you should watch these videos before starting to work on HW1 (Bash).

For any questions/problems regarding the videos please contact Ofer (ogivoli@cs).
Last updated on 31/10/2014, 03:16:02  
complementary lecture update
The complementary class planned for Sunday Nov 2nd, 16:30-18:30 is shifted one
hour to 17:30-19:30 due to the request of students that take an EE class at the same time.
Created on 29/10/2014, 12:46:58  
Some updates regarding HW assignments
1. The F.A.Q section for HW0 is now open. Please make sure to be updated.
2. We provide you with a script in order to check the correctness of your submission file.
You can find the script under ~mtm/public/1415a/ex0/final_check
Usage: final_check your_zip_file_name
You can find a more detailed description under the assignments section.
NOTE THAT following the exact submission instructions is under your responsibility, even if the script did not detect any error.
3. Please make sure to read the "General HW info" under course material
4. You can now find the full HW schedule under the Events section.
Created on 24/10/2014, 16:56:39  
HW0 is online.
submission date is next Thursday - 30.10.
There will be 2 workshops next week to help with this assignment:

Ofer - Sunday 26.10, 16:30-18:30
Amir - Wednesday, 29.10 9:30-11:30

The workshops will be held at the pc-farm at room 018
Created on 23/10/2014, 17:01:59  
Lecture location change (again)
The lectures will now be held at Taub 7.

In the next week (27/10) there will be no lecture.
A complementary lecture will be held on Sunday 2.11 at 16:30 (Taub 7)
The lecture on 3.11 will take place as usual.
Created on 21/10/2014, 14:32:07  
Lecture location change
The lecture will be held at Taub 1 (and not Taub 2 as it appears in UG)
This is a permanent change.
Created on 19/10/2014, 14:43:43  
First week announcement
Danny's tutorial on Monday morning will be held as usual, as the material for the first tutorial is independent of the first lecture.
Shlomo will hold a complementary tutorial for Sunday's group on Wednesday 22\10 at 12:30, Taub 5.
Sunday's group will miss a tutorial on the 14/12 (the week of Hanukkah).
Created on 19/10/2014, 11:10:30  
Welcome to Introduction to System Programming (מת"מ) - Winter 2014-2015
This is the first mail from the "Introduction to Systems Programming " (234122) course staff in the semester of Winter 2014-2015.
Every student registered to the course, should get this mail. All the information you need appears at the course webpage at

The course announcements, notifications, changes etc., will be published on the webpage and through this mailing list. It is your responsibility to be updated and to check from time to time for new information posted on the webpage.

The lecture and tutorial slides can be downloaded from the "Course Material" section.
You can use the "Find a partner" section to find partners for the homework assignments.
The lecture hours and the email addresses of the staff appear in the "Staff" section (the office hours will be published soon). Please contact us if you have any problems and we will do our best to resolve them.

We wish you a fruitful and enjoyable semester.
Created on 14/10/2014, 17:27:53