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HW 1 Published
HW 1 is published and its due date is 12/04/2015 at 23:55.

If you have any questions about the exercise, please, address them to almothna ( or Hasan (hassan@cs) with "atam hw1" title.
Do not forget to read the FAQ on the site regarding common problems with the PDP-11 simulator, before you send your questions.

Good luck,
The course team.
Created on 26/3/2015, 02:29:46  
Recitation Group 22 (Aviv's Tutorial) - permanent change of place
Starting from this week (22.3.2015),
Aviv's recitation, on Tuesday 16:30, is permanently moved to Ullman 502
Created on 22/3/2015, 13:09:40  
Monday tutorial (group 13) - One time change.
For this week only, Monday tutorial will be extended to two hours (15:30 - 17:30), at the same place (Ulman 213).
Next week's tutorial (group 13 only) is cancelled.
Last updated on 22/3/2015, 12:56:31  
Welcome to ATAM
Dear ATAM students,

This is the first announcement on the ATAM course website.

All the information and course material are placed on this site. The site address is:

All course announcements will be posted on the site, and you should also get them by e-mail.
If you are not registered yet, you can subscribe to this mailing list manually (using the "Auto Update" menu option on this site).

The course team this semester is:
Dr. Tamer Salman - Lecturer in charge
Dr. Sharoni Feldman - Lecturer
Mr. Hasan Abasi - TA in charge
Mr. Aviv Segall - TA
Mrs. Maya Levi - TA
Mr. Almothana ā€¸Sirhan - HW checker.

Please note that the course "Introduction to Computer Science M/H" (234114/7) or "Introduction to Computer Science" (234111) is a mandatory prerequisite for this course. Students without the prerequisite will be automatically deleted.

Good luck with the new semester,
The course team :)
Last updated on 15/3/2015, 15:04:23