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New slides (pdf)
Slides for #1 and #2 were added as pdf.
They are updated, but not final version.
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Assignment #0 was published
Assignment #0 was published. The due date is Wednesday 6/Aug at 9:00.

The assignment mainly check that your code::blocks installation is correct.
You should make effort to finish it before the next lecture (30/July).

If you encounter any problem, please ask the TA (Nachshon) by email.
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First lecture and tutorial
Tomorrow (Monday) we start the first lecture and tutorial of the summer semester.
The lecture will hold in 9:30-11:30 at Taub 9 (instead of Taub 7).
The tutorial will hold in 12:30-14:30 at Taub 3 (instead of Taub 7).
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ברוכים הבאים לסמסטר קיץ
Welcome to "Introduction to C" at the summer semester.
We would like to pick tutorial hours that fits you: please fill the following form

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