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Complementary tutorial
The complementary tutorial will take place today at Taub 7 @ 11:30-14:30.
Note: this is one hour earlier than the usual hour.
Created on 17/9/2014, 08:27:47  
The complementary tutorial will take place at Wednesday 17.9
The complementary tutorial will take place at Wednesday 17.9 @ 11:30-14:30
(Note: Wednesday this week.)

Created on 15/9/2014, 07:53:23  
When would you like the complementary tutorial?
Created on 13/9/2014, 23:15:22  
Tutorial today is cancelled
I'm not feeling well, so the tutorial today is cancelled.
Sorry for the short delay.

I'll publish later the time of a complementary tutorial.

Created on 10/9/2014, 09:50:16  
Assignment #5 due date was postpone.
Assignment #5 due date was postpone to 17.9 @ 9:00.

Students of 234111 are not required to solve question 3 (backtracking).
Please put "234111" in the first line of the students.txt file you submit.

The new students.txt file should look as following:
Israel Israeli
Last updated on 3/9/2014, 20:45:19  
Tutorial 12 and 13 will be swapped
In the next tutorial at Wednesday 3.Sep we will do tutorial 13 (sorting algorithms).
In the tutorial at Monday 8.Sep we will do tutorial 12 (backtracking).

Additionally, note that the FAQ for hw 4 question 2 was updated (how to deal with upper cases letter).
Last updated on 2/9/2014, 15:07:58  
PDF slides for lectures #5 and #9 were added
#5 is an update, #9 is new.
As I have suggested in class, you'll benefit from comparing them to the old PPT.
Created on 1/9/2014, 05:22:50  
Assignment #4 was published
The due date is Thursday 4.9 at 9:00.
Created on 28/8/2014, 06:50:41  
Complement tutorial at Thursday
The tutorial at Wednesday is cancelled.
Instead, Nachshon will give a complement tutorial at Thursday 12:30-14:30 @ Taub 7.
We will solve exam question, and will not learning new topics.
Created on 26/8/2014, 08:44:41  
Assignment #3 deadline was extended
Assignment #3 deadline was extended to 27.8 at 9:00 (in the morning).
Created on 22/8/2014, 06:40:17  
Lectures and Tutorial changes
The tutorial at Wednesday 20.8 is cancalled.
Instead, a lecture will be given at 13:30-15:30 @ Taub 7.
Note: this is one hour after the tutorial usually begins.

The lecture at Monday 25.8 is cancelled.
Instead, a tutorial will be given at 9:30-11:30 @ Taub 9 (same hour as the lecture).

Finally, the totorial at Wednesday 27.8 is also cancalled.
Instead, a tutorial will be given at Thusday 28.8.
In this tutorial we will solve previous exams, and not new materials.
Specific hour and place will be published next week.
Created on 18/8/2014, 21:29:07  
PDF slides were updated
Ch.2 Updated - please report errors
Ch.3,4 Added - please report errors
Ch.5 Added (temporary version)
Created on 18/8/2014, 04:10:27  
Assignment #2 was published
Assignment #2 was (officially) published. The due date is 20.8 @ 9:00.

Also note that the due date of Assignment #3 is 25.8, so please prepare accordingly.
Created on 12/8/2014, 17:09:56  
Assignment #1 was published
Assignment #1 was publish. You can find it in the assignments tab.
The due date is 13.8 at 9:00.
Note that Assignment #2 was also publish, but it depends on materials we
didn't learn yet.

You must test yourself on the self test website before submitting.
It run your code on the same environment as the automatic check, and can find bugs you cant.

Nachshon's office hours are cancelled for this Tuesday.
Instead, they will be given at Wednesday 14:20-15:20.

Created on 4/8/2014, 15:27:44  
PDF slides for Ch.2 were updated
Please note that the PPT is the version of last semester
Created on 4/8/2014, 07:17:29  
Reminder: No break in today's lecture
Just to remind you that lecture today will start at 9:30 and will end at 11:10 with no intermission.
Created on 4/8/2014, 04:13:52  
New slides (pdf)
Slides for #1 and #2 were added as pdf.
They are updated, but not final version.
Created on 30/7/2014, 08:41:24  
Assignment #0 was published
Assignment #0 was published. The due date is Wednesday 6/Aug at 9:00.

The assignment mainly check that your code::blocks installation is correct.
You should make effort to finish it before the next lecture (30/July).

If you encounter any problem, please ask the TA (Nachshon) by email.
Last updated on 28/7/2014, 16:53:55  
First lecture and tutorial
Tomorrow (Monday) we start the first lecture and tutorial of the summer semester.
The lecture will hold in 9:30-11:30 at Taub 9 (instead of Taub 7).
The tutorial will hold in 12:30-14:30 at Taub 3 (instead of Taub 7).
Created on 27/7/2014, 20:57:05  
ברוכים הבאים לסמסטר קיץ
Welcome to "Introduction to C" at the summer semester.
We would like to pick tutorial hours that fits you: please fill the following form

Last updated on 23/7/2014, 08:19:38