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HW1 submission postponement
Dear students,

Due to exams that some of you have these days, it has been decided to allow a general postponement to HW1 submission. The new due date is 5.11 at 23:55.

Each pair should submit their work only once, from one of the students account. In the submission page, there is a textbox to enter the ID number of the other student.

Course staff
Created on 29/10/2014, 13:15:18  
Tutorial 2 is available online
Dear students,

Tutorial 2 is available under course material.

Course staff
Created on 29/10/2014, 03:23:34  
Homework 1 is published
Dear students,

Homework 1 is published under Assignments.
Please submit your works electronically until 2.11 at 23:55, according to the instructions in the homework.
After this date, a late submission with reduction of points will be available, as described in the course information document under syllabus.

Good luck!
Course stuff
Created on 22/10/2014, 22:20:10  
Reminder: Ulman 604 is where you should be...
...if you plan to attend the tutorial in 10:30.

Course staff
Created on 22/10/2014, 10:06:06  
Tutorial 1 is available online
Dear students,

Tutorial 1 is available under course material.

Course staff
Created on 22/10/2014, 01:40:52  
Electronic HW - Change in HW submission policy
Dear students,

For the sake of the environment and in the name of modernity, it has been decided to transfer from homework submission in paper to electronic submission. We also believe it will make it easier for you, as you won't have to print your works (that most of you write with a computer anyway), and go all the way to the course cell for submission.

The course information document under syllabus is corrected accordingly.

The course staff
Last updated on 21/10/2014, 20:28:53  
Tutorial tomorrow moved to Ulman 604
Dear students,

The tutorial tomorrow will take place in Ulman 604 instead of Taub.

Course staff
Created on 21/10/2014, 17:22:32  
Information and course regulations
Dear Students,

Please see under "Syllabus" an attached file with information and course regulations (grade composition, homework, late homework submission etc.)

Course staff
Created on 19/10/2014, 15:47:03  
תרגול מבוא לשתי קבוצות התרגול ביום שני
סטודנטים יקרים,

בשל העובדה שהתרגול הראשון ביום שני יתקיים לפני ההרצאה הראשונה, יועבר בתרגול זה מבוא שיכלול חזרה על נושאים בחדו"א והכרות קצרה עם סביבת מטלב. סטודנטים *משתי קבוצות התרגול* מוזמנים להגיע. מבוא זה לא יועבר ביום רביעי. החומר שיכוסה בתרגול זה נמצא באתר הקורס.
ביום רביעי נתחיל את חומר הקורס עם תרגול מספר 1, שיתווסף לאתר בקרוב.

צוות הקורס
Last updated on 18/10/2014, 20:57:31  
Welcome to Numerical Analysis Course
Dear students,

Welcome to the Numerical Analysis course (234107).
All course announcements will be published on the site and through this mailing list. Please stay updated through this site.

We wish you all a fruitful and enjoyable semester,
The course staff.
Created on 18/10/2014, 18:13:52